Hello and Welcome to "Kelticragman.com".

I have been in this business since 1990 when I was started out doing Irish fire department related goods. I am not bragging, but at the time that was a rare thing. I started with a single tee, Fir Na Tine - Men of Fire was the first shirt I started with. I did trade shows up and down the east coast as far as Baltimore at the Firehouse Expo. These shows were fun as it allowed me to meet some great friends in the fire service. Being a professional fire fighter and being of Irish descent, I found this to be a fun business. Well as years went on things changed and so has the economy. Trade shows became somewhat a thing of the past with the creation of the internet and web pages.

I figured let's get with the times as people would rather get on a web page than drive hundreds of miles to attend a "Fire Show".

I hope with my new "branching" off, if you will, to an Irish related items site that my old friends from the fire service along with newer "friends" will enjoy my different Irish stuff. I try not to do the same old thing when creating Irish Fire stuff and will do the same here on my Irish site. You won't find any KISS ME I'M IRISH shirt here!!! It will be different and cutting edge if I have my way.

Please note that everything you see on this site is copyrighted, trademarked or whatever other legal jargon you wish to use to warn you DO NOT COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION from Kelticragman.com.

I wouldn't want you to piss off the "wee folk" and learn the hard way. A thumping from a shillelagh doesn't sound like all that much fun does it? And to be honest wouldn't you feel better knowing that you created a design that was yours and didn't steal it from us?!

Anyway, now that is over... enjoy browsing the Kelticragman/Shamrock Fireworks site.


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